The Name of the Wind: Kingkiller Chronicles 1

Monday, May 4, 2009

Teaser: In a quaint town, where visitors are rare, there stands an modest inn. It's innkeeper has hair the unforgettable color of raging fire. He is a great host and a wonderful bartender. He only has one employee--a bumbling, ignorant apprentice with a grumpy disposition, but the days are ever long and predictable for the duo.

Life is slow, full of routine, and stagnate for this innkeeper until a scribe happens upon he acquires a strange customer who met with some trouble on the road. The customer is a very skilled scribe on a mission to get the real story behind some of the greatest legends being told. Then, secrets begin to be uncovered and life for this duo permanently changes pace.

Our simple innkeeper is not at all who he appears to be, and, it seems, the scribe has fallen in favor with fate when he recognizes the true character of the red-haired fellow. He will not rest until he convinces this great man to tell his story--the story that the world has been begging to hear.

The innkeeper struggles with the prospect but reluctantly agrees to share on, strange conditions. So over the next three days, the tale of the great Kvothe, the Kingkiller, will finally be recorded.

Short Thought: Genius, Beyond Good, the best book I have read in years, maybe ever.

Expanded Thoughts: I cannot say enough good things about this novel. It is perhaps the best novel I have ever read. (If the next two in this series are a fraction as good as this one, I could die happy.)

It is smart, witty, original, gritty, and rich. It throws away all of those old fantasy novel cliches (and even successfully pokes fun at them) and busts through with what I hope will be the new age of fantasy. The characters are deep and complex, the plot takes delicious turns that leave you engaged and always guessing, and tone is very readable and personal.

I could go on forever about this novel, but let's just say I'm pretty sure this will be my pick of the year and maybe all time.

Additional Notes: This is the first of the "Kingkiller Chronicles" series by Patrick Rothfuss

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