Something from the Nightside: Nightside Series 1

Friday, May 22, 2009

Teaser: John Taylor makes his living as a mediocre private eye working in London. Unfortunately, business has been slow as of late, and John is running out of cash fast. John's luck turns around when a mysterious upperclass businesswoman comes knocking on his door with a case for him. She is willing to pay John more money than he has ever received for a job to find her runaway daughter and drag her back home. As always, there is a catch. The daughter is believed to have run away to Nightside, the fabled dark inner part of London. John must make a choice, refuse the job and find other ways out of his financial situation, or accept the job and travel to Nightside where he would have to face a part of his past that he has been running from for years.

Short Thought: Although very cheesy and cliched, I found it entertaining in a "sadistic, twisted" kind of way."

Expanded Thought: I had never read a novel like this before. It wasn't serious and brooding; It was freakin' fun to read! It was watching an old noir film on acid.

The characters in Nightside are ridiculous, and that's why I like them. There are the epitome of a stereo-type (PI, Tough As Nails Chick, Grumpy Bartender, etc), but they have little twists that make them funny and amusing to read.

If you are looking for a short, deliciously, dark, and fun fantasy story, you have to check out this series. My only complaint is that it is beyond cliche at times, and it can get annoying. I hope in later books it won't be this bad.

Additional Notes: This novel does contain some scenes of a dark nature.

Additional Notes (2): This is the first book of the Nightside series by Simon R Green

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