Poison Study: The Study Trilogy 1

Monday, May 18, 2009

Teaser: Yelena, who has been imprisoned for murder, awaits her execution. The day finally arrives, but instead of a noose or a pistol, a job opportunity is offered to her. She can choose a quick execution, or she can accept the job of being the General's poison taster which ultimately lead to a slow, agonizing death.

Short Thought: Wonderful, original characters, and unique situations. A wonderful adventure from the beginning onward. I can't wait to read it again.

Expanded Thoughts: I admit it...I actually bought this for the pretty cover. (Grrr...at those marketers again). I was pleased to find a very entertaining fantasy/action/romance.

The idea of the world is interesting (two main lands: North (Ixia, a communist-like, militaristic land), and the South (a lax jungle land where magic is used as opposed to machines)).

The main character is also very fun to read about (she is a bit of a 'mary sue', but I like her, so that's okay in my eyes). She's not your typical main character. We are introduced to her at her lowest point, as a guilty murderess awaiting her sentence. Her actions and glimpses to her past keep forever guessing her true identity and her next move.

The plot is nicely paced, easy to understand, and still has enough surprises and twists to keep your interested peeked. Overall, this was a nice all around adventure.

Additional Notes
: This is the first novel in The Study Trilogy by Maria V. Snyder. (The others include Magic Study and Fire Study.)

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