Nightlife: Cal Leandros Series 1

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Teaser: This book centers around a pair of brothers, Niko and Cal, who are extremely close due to the unfortunate lives dealt to them. It focuses on the younger brother, namely Cal, who has a dark side (an inhuman father) that just won't die. They have to decide whether to keep running or face their problems head on. Unfortunately, these are the types of problem that won't shrink away nicely.

Short Thought
: Interesting, paranormal story that sets itself apart from others in this genre. The characters, the two brothers, are very human and believable.

Expanded Thoughts: Finally, I got around to a urban fantasy written in a masculine tone. (Surprisingly, the author is female. I'm still shocked about that.) This novel was good, but I think the author was trying too hard with the humor and sarcasm in some areas.

I am going to definitely continue with the series, because it is different that much of what is out there now. I believe this will turn into one of my favorites.

Especially Recommended For: Folks who like Japanese anime, shows like Moonlight, those of us with a dark sense of humor, and fans of fantasy looking to deviate from the romance series

Additional Notes
: This is the First novel in the Cal Leandros series by Rob Thurman.

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