Flesh and Spirit:: The Lighthouse Duet 1

Friday, May 8, 2009

Teaser: The rain spatters over Valen's face as he welcomes the darkness of death. For the past twelve years, he has done nothing but try to escape his appointed life. Now that his comrade has betrayed him, left him to die, and taken the supplies that feed his dark, hungry addiction, he can only think of the happiness that others will feel at his passing, and of the bitterness and self-hatred that permeates his soul.

Short Thought: Powerful and vivid like a grand pane of stained glass. Not your typical fantasy, and I love it for that. Puts the reader right into the eyes and emotions of the character, with a narrative tone that is so uniquely satisfying.

Expanded Thoughts: Well, what can I say about this book? It was different. It wasn't the swash-buckling, dragon infested fantasy novels of which I am growing increasingly tired.

It was more psychological in that it is all about the main character's inner struggle. He see him deal with his addictions, his choices, his heritage, and his obligations.

It had a candid realness that was extremely attractive, and the author didn't hold back in the situations in which the character was placed.

Additional Notes: This is the first book in the Lighthouse Duet. (The second book is Breath and Bone.)

Additional Notes (2): This novel is in the category of "epic, dark fantasy." It contains situations of a 'dark' nature--abuse, violence, mutilation, addictions, death, etc.

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