Dead Until Dark: Sookie Stackhouse Series 1

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

(Charlaine Harris)

Teaser: Vampires have been living amongst humans for centuries. With the new invention of synthetic blood, they have finally come out in the open as a race. (In the guise of having a disease called 'vampirism.') People are still afraid, but now they know what they should fear.

Enter Sookie Stackhouse. She's a bar waitress in the small rural town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. During the years,rumors have surrounded her because of her special abilities. Sookie has always been able to hear the thoughts of others. It has been a curse all of her life. She can't date, keep good friends, and everyone thinks that she's touched in the head.

Sookie's world collides with the vampires when she gets her first vampire customer at the bar. To her surprise and relief, she is unable to hear his thoughts. From that first meeting on, she intertwines herself with the life of the local vampires and the trouble that comes with it.

Short Thought: Short, Fun, interesting, country-fried paranormal romance.

Expanded Thoughts: This book has a special spot in my heart, because it portrayed the small town country life very well. All the stereotypes were there. (And let me tell you, they exist.)

It didn't let me down; it read so smooth, like a conversation around Virginia slims and sweet tea on a front porch swing, that you could really picture the characters and hear their voices.

I knew that I had to read this novel when I read that it was about the deep south complete with a Vampire named Bill. Not something ancient and mysterious sounding, but 'Bill.' I totally love it!

This novel is a great summer read, or a perfect starting point into the romantic fantasy genre. It has murder mystery, romance, politics, intrigue, and an interesting setting all rolled up into one. If you love that theme of the 'innocent girl' meets the 'brooding mystery man' and 'her world is turned upside down' theme, then you can't pass this novel up!

Additional Thoughts: This novel contains scenes of mild violence and sexual situations.

Additional Thoughts (2): This novel is the first novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series (also known as the Southern Vampire Mysteries) by Charlaine Harris.

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