Cast in Shadow: The Chronicles of Elantra 1

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teaser: The world is split into two major parts--the law enforced lands and the outcast fiefs. The laws of the land are enforced by animal tribes, and the fiefs are full of orphans and chaos. Within all this, a lowly fief orphan is taken in by the hawk lord because of interesting markings that have appeared all over her body.

Fast forward 7 years to when the breadth of the novel takes place, and this orphan, now all grown up, has a spot in the hawks, a strange power, and a chip on her shoulder the size of a crater. She is given an assignment to investigate a series of ritual murders out in the fiefs and finds herself being forced to partner with an aloof dragon and a ghost of her past for whom she hates with a fiery passion. Let the games begin!

Short Thought: Very different, annoying and predictable main character, but mildly entertaining.

Expanded Thoughts: Now, I would not put this in the category of great novels, but I have to say it was very interesting. (I've already queued up the next 2, heh). But it's definitely not on my favorites list.

My main gripe with this novel is that the main character is not likable. She is arrogant, unskilled, immature, delusion, and messy. Very rarely does a main character annoy me as much as this one.

Fortunately, I think I may get hooked on this because the setting is so freaking interesting, and some of the other characters are brilliant and interesting. This series is very unique in this genre. I only hope I fall in love with the character too.

Additional Notes: This is the first novel in the Chronicles of Elantra series by Michelle Sagara.

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