Breath and Bone: The Lighthouse Duet 2

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Teaser: Valen desperately needs his mind fully intact as he meets his new captor,the bastard prince who is rumored to steal the souls of those who oppose him, but his limbs are slowly turning to stone, his stomach is fiercely clawing, and his mind begins to lose its hold on reality. Unable to give clear thought to his dire situation, Valen concentrates on fighting to save a young child, someone who finally gave him hope, as his withdrawal madness deepens.

Short Thought: Absolutely brilliant! We get to follow this character to the ends of the world and feel our emotions become entangled as he encounters unfathomable odds on a quest to find himself.

Expanded Thoughts: It is very hard for me to truly put my thoughts on this novel into words. It changed the way that I look at the fantasy genre as a whole. I'm used to a lot of fantasy novels being dry, linear, and predictable. (Complete with fan service and cliched romances) This novel was polar opposite. I don't know any better way of putting it other than, "It was freakin' awesome."

One metaphor that keeps coming to mind as to how vivid and unique the story was is 'a huge cathedral stained class window.' It had a that mysterious gothic vibe, ornate fixtures, and a dark beauty that carries a rich story at which I can't help but gawk.

Additional Notes: This novel contains some scenes of a darker nature.

Additional Notes (2): This is the 2nd book in The Lighthouse Duet by Carol Berg. (The 1st is Flesh and Spirit.)

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